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Are you a spirited adventurer who likes to get off the beaten track? Adventure tours are the perfect way to combine spectacular places, local interactions and light physical challenges for an unforgettable experience. With adventure tours, you have the chance to get involved with local communities, with genuine cultural experiences, unexpected wonders and the camaraderie of travelling in a small group adventure. Whether your interests lie in history, culture or wildlife, you can be sure that on these trips you are a participant, not a spectator.

During these exciting journeys there is little or no camping; instead, comfortable stays at quality hotels, local inns or well appointed lodges where you can relax after an interesting day of travels.

Whether your daily adventures involve exploring Buddhist monasteries deep within the mountains of Tibet, viewing wildlife by dugout canoes on a tributary of the greater Amazon in Peru, or enjoying the hospitality of locals in the remote countryside of Japan, you can be sure a lifetime of memories and friendships will be created on these easygoing and intriguing trips.

While there are no specific physical prerequisites it is important that travellers are in good health and have a positive, flexible and enquiring mind in order to fully savour the myriad of experiences that are part and parcel of our journeys.