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​One of the most beautiful region of South East Asia, Center of Vietnam is the witness of the country empire history and colonial period. As a little paradise on earth, this region offers a peaceful journey to discover historical and cultural treasures as well as wonderful beaches and mountains landscapes. The perfect trip to satisfy everyone.


Caving is one of the most interesting outdoor activities in Vietnam. Our country has a geographical condition that offers lots of caves, grottoes throughout country. To cave in Vietnam you need a professional tour operator who provide caving gears, caving equipment, caving shoes..Whether you travel to the northern Vietnam, Halong bay, Cao bang, Ha giang or to the northwest such as Son la, Lai chau.. you will find a cave which is worth visit. Most of other caves are easily accessible, and can be visited in one day from major cities.
The north central Vietnam has some of the largest and longgest caves in the world. Some of these caves have been recently discovered by Howard and Deb Limbirt, members of British Cave Research Association.
Thus Caving and archeological expeditions can be included in travel itineraries, tour programs for Cave Research Association and active adventure travellers seeking particular adventures in Vietnam


Cycling Vietnam is one of the best way to discover remote parts of the country and to experience the real life.The versatile and the vibrant vistas of Vietnam make for great Vietnam bicycle tours. What is more, there are varied landscapes and terrains in Vietnam to suit your pedalling powers.


Kayaking Vietnam is one of best outdoor activities you should have while traveling in Vietnam. Kayaking offers the chance to visit vietnam beautifull bay, archipelagos, green lake and peaceful rivers. Discover the unseen Vietnam as you kayak through dark tunnels in Halong Bay, along the Nang river in Ba be national park and many other untouched parts of Vietnam


Traveling around Vietnam by motorbike, seeing breathtaking landscapes, beautiful mountain passes, interesting historical relics, colorful, friendly and happy people…makes us love our country more and gives us extremely special feeling. We wanna take you there to make you fall in love with Vietnam! Cong Tours is a Tour operators and Guides who have years of experience in organizing and guiding motorcycle tours to any corners of the country, around North Vietnam – in Central highlands and Ho Chi Minh trail. After many years riding Motorbike tours with foreign tourists in Vietnam, we are different from the others to know where, how and what to make wonderful motorcycle trips for you. We organize all kinds of guided and dedicated Motorbike tours in Vietnam. Just take one of them in tour list or we together customize your own trip. We are ready and happy to do the best to meet fully your needs so that we together can have an adventure motorbike trip of the lifetime in Vietnam.

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